Streamline order pickup by sections through the Kitchen Display Screen application.

By offering your employees the opportunity to work in a modern environment, they will have the ability to view in a digital way and will be able to manage orders faster and easier. 

*Attention: The Kitchen Display Screen application won't be available on iPhone or iPod devices as the screen is to small to display the orders.

You can see application from the POS menu.

If you don't have the application installed, you won't be able to access it and a message like below will appear, requiring you to install the application from the Administration part of Ebriza, from Marketplace.

Orders are sorted on the Kitchen Display Screen based on tags that are corresponding to the products from the Configuration tab.

Once installed, you will be able to see the orders that need to be prepared, the time from when they were placed and also if the order contains any other tags on it.

Tags are user to let you know that on that specific order there are other tags as well.

When an order hasn't been prepared yet, you will see it as "In process" and once done it will move in the "Completed"

You can choose to mark only one product from the whole order as done, by simply clicking on it, and the waiter will be notified that one product is already prepared. It will appear with an strike through.

After an order is completed, you will see it in the "Completed" section.

Also, you will have 19 seconds to change your mind if you accidentally marked the order as completed. After this the order will be locked and the waiter will be notified on his device that the order is completed and can come get it.

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