To generate a Sales Report V2 you will need to go to the Administration part in Ebriza, and from the menu, select the Reports section and choose the report type: Sales Report (V2).

From this report, you can view your sales across different groups and measurements for a specific period of time that you want the report to be generated.

You can group the sales by:

  • Location - see the sales for each location.
  • User - see the sales made by each user.
  • Client - see the sales made on each client.
  • Product - see the sales on each product.
  • Product tag - see the sales for each tag (eg: kitchen, bar)
  • ECR printer - see the sales made on each fiscal printer (if applicable)

You can measure the sales by:

  • revenue - you can see the income generated from the sale of goods or services.
  • item count - you can see how many products were sold.
  • order size - you can see an average for the order size.
  • payment type - you can see the revenues for each type of payments.
  • protocol - you can see the protocols for each user (how much and what products - only if grouped by user) 
  • cancellations - you can see the items that were cancelled for each user (only if grouped by user)

Don't forget to set the desired time range for your report.

This can be set by:


  • this year to date
  • a specific number of year to date
  • specific - for certain years 


  • this month to date
  • a specific number of months to date
  • specific - for certain months


  • this week to date
  • a specific number of weeks to date
  • specific - for certain weeks
  • Days:
  • select the start hour for the day
  • today
  • a specific number of days until today
  • specific - for certain days


  • this hour
  • a specific number of hours until the hour you want to generate the report
  • specific - for certain hours and days


  • you can select manually the period range

Also, in this report you can use filters to find easier a product name, a product tag or a location and to see the sales more specific.

To export the report press the top right button (the export can be in Excel or CSV format)

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