User sales statistics report:

  •  is a report useful for the managers and for users
  • can be found in POS and in Control Center
  • this report cand be used for closing the location's day
  • if you are a manager for POS and if you want to generate the report from POS, you can do it for your user only or for all users

From Control Center
To download the report press the top right button

From POS

  • To see the sales for all users, you must access the POS options (the 4-way horizontal-left button). From there, choose the Sales option.
  • To see the sale only for your user, you must click on the Load button. 

- To see the total sales of the company from all users, you must click on the icon that symbolizes a user. It will open a new window with the amount of your sales and you'll have to compare it to the amount you find on Report X. It's important that the amounts are the same.

  • For the user who verifies this report to have access to all users receipts, it needs to be set as the POS Manager in Administration (Account Settings -> Company Settings).

The information that you can find in this report:

  • Sales - sales on each type of payment
  • Tags sales - sales on each tag (eg: kitchen, bar) 
  • Client sales - sales on clients
  • Discounts - what discounts were offered
  • Cancellations - products that were cancelled
  • Bills - how many bills were closed and an average for those bills
  • Opened bills - how many and which bills are still opened
  • Not printed fiscal bills - the bills that were closed but the bill wasn't printed on a fiscal printer
  • Bill conflicts - if you have a bill conflict that wasn't resolved on that user

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