To add different VAT groups, all you need to do is to click on the "Add" button in the Account Settings - Company - VAT Group section.

In the new window that will open, you just have to add the value (%), the group name and in the ECR field you need to add the group exactly as you have it on the fiscal printer.

Once you hit SAVE, this group can then be assigned to a product, from the Configuration - Products menu point. Should you have more VAT rates and would like to delete one of them  (by clicking on the "Remove") you will automatically be asked which of the other VAT rates you want to use instead (for the products that already had the group assigned).

According to Romanian legislation there are 2 VAT rates:

  • Standard rate: 19%
  • Reduced rates: 9% și 5%


The VAT groups in Ebriza NEED to match the VAT groups on the fiscal printer!

For example: If the 19% VAT group is set as group A on the printer, you will also need to make sure that in Ebriza group A will be 19% as well.

  • To check the VAT groups set on the cash register, you can issue the X report from Ebriza. More details on how to issue this report can be found here.
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