To create a product discount, follow the steps described below:

  •  Select the Marketing application in the administration area and press the + button
  • Select the location where the promotion will be active and then select the type of promotion. 

You also need to give an easy name to the promotion so you can easily find it in the POS.


  •  Set the the period of time for your promotion:If you do not select an end date, your promotion will be active indefinitely. 
  • Here, if you click "Advanced" you can set up a recurrence as well, if you want the promotion to be applied just on a certain day(s). Frequency pattern will always be: 01 and the recurrence interval represents the total hours from the beginning of the promotion until the end.
  •  You can add a description to the promotion (this is optional).
  • At the 4th step, select the Target - the products you want the discount to apply to.
  1. From here you can choose a whole category as a target.
  2. You can choose specific products as a target.
  3. After you have chosen your products you can set to condition your results.
  4. Choose the number of products that the promotion will apply to.
  5. Also you can choose the order that you want to condition your promotion, ascendant or descendant. 
  •  Select the the value of the discount that you want to offer.
  •   Choose how you want to apply the promotion and finalize it.

Types of applicability: 

  • Apply automatically: - every time you mark that product, this discount will apply automatically 
  • Apply manually: - after marking the product and before issuing the fiscal receipt you can add the discount manually: 

After Clicking on Loyalty/Promotions you will only need to choose at the promotion Tab, the desired promotion you want to apply.

  • Apply with customer loyalty -  You can choose to apply this promotion for certain customers. You need to choose the customers and when marking the product in the POS, you can choose the customers from the list you set before.

ATTENTION: This option is available only if you have installed the Client Application in Ebriza.

  •  Apply with voucher - add the unique codes for vouchers and in the POS the waiter will have to introduce the code for the promotion to apply.
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