Here is a presentation of the workflow you need to follow when selling something in Ebriza POS:

  1.  After you logged into POS, select a table and search for the products. 

     You can find and select the products based on the categories or you can use the search bar and type the name of the product.

     You can also add notes to a product by clicking and holding on the product. For more information about how you can add notes, click here to view the article.

2. Once the products are selected, you have several options:

     Long click on the product so that you can increase or decrease how many units of this product are added. 

3.  After you selected the desired products, you can exit the table, by pressing the bottom right button showing an arrow pointing to the right side.

4.  If the client changed his mind about some products, you can cancel the desired products by pressing the Void button that you can find near the total amount of the order. Voiding products will NOT affect your stock quantity's as the fiscal receipt will not be issued on them.

5.  Before issuing the receipt you can select the payment method , if this needs to have a different payment method than Cash or Credit.

You will need to select  from the 3 dotted circle "Payment Options".

And  from here you can select the desired Payment method.

6. From the same window, you can choose to add a client to that receipt, to manually add a promotion, to add a quick discount or to split the payment methods, if the client wants to pay half the amount with a Credit Card and half Cash.

To split the payment, click on the right top corner on "Split"

From Here you can choose the amount for Credit Card, Tickets or Bank transfer, the remaining amount being by default Cash.

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