This is the room where you will have the orders that are generated on delivery apps integrated with Ebriza. 

Delivery Room is used for orders generated outside Ebriza, through the telephone, through a website or a delivery app.

The integration with Ebriza can be done through API (application programming interface)

This room will appear automatically after the first external order will be registered in Ebriza.

Once the order is placed in the delivery room, it will look like below: 

Once the order is placed in the delivery room, it will look like below: 

  • on the first column you can see the number of the order 
  • the second column shows the origin(web ordering, phone ordering, manually added) and the date and hour the order was registered in Ebriza.
  • on the Deliver column you will see when the order will be delivered.
  • from the Client column, you will see the name of the client and his delivery adress.
  • on the Value column, you will see the total amount to pay 
  • on the User column, you will see the name of the user that is handling this order. 
  • in case the client is not registered in Ebriza, his phone number will show up (in case the order is coming through the phone ordering app).

As a first step, click on the order you wish to confirm.

In this example, I have selected an oder which was manually added. In cases where in the data base there are two different addresses for the same client, the address that the client requires, will be shown with bold.
If you want to edit the client`s data, push Edit and if you want to delete the client, press X and add a different client.

After adding the client, the next step is selecting the preparation and delivery time (in case you are using a website that offers these data, they will sync together).

In order to confirm your order, you need to exit the table. You then have two options: Send to Preparation, Print Fiscal Receit or Save Delivery.
When you select Save Delivery, the order will not be sent to the printer or to the Kitchen Screen.
When you select Send to Preparation, the order will be sent to the printer and to the kitchen screen.

When you select Print Fiscal Receipt, the order will be sent to the printer and to the kitchen screen and the fiscal receipt will be printed.

Manual Add can be made from the +Add button:

Next step is to mark products whished on the bill. 

The products marked will be shown in the Order tab, on the top right side.

After this, you will need to close the bill by clicking on the button and adding the client. If you're client it's already on your database, you will need to search for him. If it's not, you need to create it, by clicking on + button.

Mark your products and issue the invoice. The only difference is that on this Room, it is mandatory that you have a client assigned and a preparation time.

After all the order information has been filled, the car icon from the right side of the order will mean taht a driver was assigned for delivering the order. (This will happe if you have the Hip Fleet App Installed).

In case the car icon is red, it means that the order could not be assigned to a driver. (The delivery address could be missing, or the telephone number). Clicking on the red car icon will retry the request.

In case there are orders received from previous days or with the delivery hour in a few hours, you will have the ability to save the order as a future order.

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