If the receipt was issued with a wrong payment method, you will need to go to the Administration part in Ebriza and cancel the receipt and mark the products again with the correct payment method.

From the Menu, select Orders and look for the receipt that you need to cancel.

Click on the 3 dots and cancel the receipt.

From there you will need to enter the social security number for the user, the ERC no and also the reason why are you cancelling the receipt.

After you have cancelled it and was given the Cancel receipt report, you will need to attach the fiscal receipt to it as proof and go to Ebriza POS and mark again the products with the correct payment method.

ATTENTION: If the receipt was from a previous day this will be registered on the Report with the same day the receipt was issued.

If you will mark today the products, the amount will appear on today's date both in Ebriza as on the fiscal Printer.

At the end of the day, verify the sales in Ebriza with the ones on the final day report to make sure that the information and the amount is correct.

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