The billing cycle starts on the first day you install an Application from Ebriza Marketplace and the invoice is issued on the same day of the following month.
You will be billed for how long you have the application/s installed.
This article might help you know how to install an application in Ebriza:
When the current billing cycle ends, the amount you will have to pay will be composed of the period when you had installed the applications and also if you have installed applications based on transactions, all the transactions you made will appear on your bill.

The billing formula is:

  1. Application price / Total minutes for a billing period = The price application per minute.
  2. Total used minutes * The price application per minute = Monthly payment (with 2 decimals)

If you have multiple locations on your account, the price will rise with 0.2/location.
The application price won't double however there will be a discount of 80% off for you additional locations.

The install of applications is based on adding a valid Credit Card and the amount due will be withdrawn automatically at the end on the billing cycle. 

Appications won't be uninstalled automatically as  you will need to uninstall them from your Ebriza account.
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