To save you current stock, you will need to go to the Inventory app and press the +button to add a new Inventory.

After you selected to add a new Inventory you will need to set the date and time for when you are making the inventory.

This can be the present date or a date in the past if you haven't got the chance to add the inventory before.

ATTENTION:  when selecting date and time consider that in Ebriza stocks decrease in real time so it is very important to select correctly the date and time.

From here, you will have 2 choices:

1. You can either add the stock one by one, and choose what stock you want to make the inventory for, by adding the stocks that contain tags.

  • For this you will need to select: Add individual stock.
  • A new window will open with all the goods and raw materials you have in your company, and you can choose the ones you want from there.
  • Search for the stock name.
  • Click on the name so that the check appears
  • Click add.
  • Add your physical quantity.

2. If you have tags set to your stock, you can click on the tag and the stock that has that certain tag will be listed on your inventory list.

  • Click on the tag
  • Set your physical quantity.

Save the inventory.

After saving your inventory, for the new quantities to apply you will need to reset it.

ATTENTION: Resetting the inventory can only be done by an user who has administrative right to do to so, as the scriptic values will also be shown.

Select the stock that you want to reset and click on the reset stock icon, located in the top right corner.

After resetting the stock, the scriptic values will be replaced with the physical ones.

However if you need to make any changes for this inventory, you can undo the reset and add new values, if needed by selecting the stock and click on the undo icon found in the top right corner.

Save the changes.

You can also choose to export the inventory without putting the physical values so that another person can do the Inventory, by clicking the export Icon from the right top corner.

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