The fiscal receipt is the document printed by the fiscal printer whenever a product or a service is sold and it shows the information about the sale according to the GD nr. 804/2017. 

The details may vary from one type of business to another.

The same government ruling says that the receipt has 3 different sections: Header, content and final part.

The header contains the name and the fiscal code of the company, the address from where the fiscal printer is installed at.

Further more, the receipt must contain the following information in the content part:

  • The exact date and time when the receipt was issued;
  • The order number of the receipt;
  • The name or the code of the operator;
  • The name of each product, service that was sold;
  • Price or unit rate;
  • Quantity;
  • Value on each operation, including VAT indicating it's rate;
  • Total value of the receipt, including VAT;
  • Total value of VAT on different VAT rates if applicable;
  • Total value of tax-free transactions;
  • The amount of other taxes not included in the taxable amount of value added tax, if any.
  • The VAT registration number of the beneficiary, upon demand
  • Unit of measurement;
  • Payment method.

The final part of the fiscal receipt contains the logotype and the fiscal series of the machine, and when it operates within a management system, the number of the electronic fiscal marker.

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