You can have multiple accounts in Ebriza that are part of a Franchise.
The Franchise application which you will find in Ebriza Marketplace will help you manage your franchise by giving you access to see the sales from all your franchesees.

The first step is to create your Franchise.
You will be the Franchisor and only you will be able to see the sales from your Franchesees.

After this, you will need to set up the details for your Franchise. The Name and PIN will be given to your Franchisees so that they can enrol to that specific Franchese.

  1. Define the name of your Franchise.
  2. Set up the PIN
  3. Set up your manager PIN. Only the manager will have access to the reports of his Franchisees.

Create your Franchise.

If you want to have access to the Franchisees reports from another company as well, you will need to fill in all 3 of the fields (with the details you previously created) and click on "Enroll".

Tell the Name and PIN to your franchisees so they can enroll as well. They will select "I'm a Franchisee"

After you created and enrolled your franchisees your account will look like this:

As the Franchisor, you will see the sales from the Sales report V2 where you can select the Fanchisee  from where you will want to see the sales.

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