Creating a database containing your customers is vital for issuing invoices for the customers. You will later be able to send these invoices via e-mail.

You will need this database to be able to issue the invoices to your customers. It is also a necessity when it comes to offering discounts and creating promotions to keep your customers happy and engaged in order for you to increase your sales. 

To add a client, follow these steps

1. Select the Clients app:

2. Press the add (+) button to add a new client:

3. To be able to save a client, you need to add at least a name + phone or e-mail adress.

The e-mail address is necessary if you want to be able to send the invoice. The rest of the information is optional.

  • If the client is a legal person, you must click on the Company tab, to complete the company details or search for the company under the Unique Identification Code (CUI).

4. For every client, we have the option to add a delivery and a billing address separately. If the client has only one address, this will automatically be the billing and delivery address as well.





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