To configure a report in which you can see your profit margin we'll need to start from the "Sales" data set:

From the left side column we will drag "Location" (to see the details for each location) and "Name" (to see all the products that we have for sale) in the "Attributes" section:

From the same column we will now drag "Total Income" (to see the sum we cashed in for the respective products) and "Cost with VAT" (to receive info about the acquisition price):

To see more accurate data about the acquisition price we will need to select the date from which to take into account the invoices from suppliers:

We click on the arrow next to the "Cost with VAT" and we select the date from "Parameters".

After these steps we will obtain the following report:

To calculate the profit margin we will need to click on the + sign in the "Add a calculated measure" section (under the acquisition price) to calculate a new measure. From here we will choose " Margin" at "Outcome is" (1), and for the "Parameters" we will choose "A: Total Income" (2) and "B: Cost with VAT" (3):

In the end we will get the desired report, that will offer us info on the products, how much we cashed in for each, what the acquisition price was and what is the profit margin:

Don't forget that you can save the report and use it later on, without having to create is from scratch.

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